About Us

We have been in the Miami Midtown area for 15 years. At the same address, we work with the most reliable Dog Day Cares in the area and among the pets that We Transport or walk daily are the pets from two important starters for the NBA Miami Heat team, several MDs of the area and other great people, we give personalized service, we can accommodate to your needs at any time

The Love and Attention your Pet Needs
Pet Limo Service was born as a response to the great need of those people who by their several occupations do not have the time to give their children of "4 feet" the attention they need, including their biological needs, The medical needs, the need for exercise, the transportation and the need of love and companionship.

Pet Limo Services

Your Pet will feel like riding on a Limousin.
We will transport your pet where ever you need.
We have extensive experience in the handling and transportation of pets.
We are a company that provides a personalized service to your pet, working with love, responsibility, safety and punctuality.


Member of The National PSA
Pet Sitters Associates is a pet business insurance that is administered by RPS Scobie Group and underwritten by an AM Best rated: A (Excellent) Insurance Company.

Member of the PSI "Pet Sitters International has been the world's leading educational organization for professional pet sitters for over two decades"

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